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Fantasy Artists

Unicorn Art
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Featured Fantasy Artist: David Gough

David Gough is one of the modern masters of the Fantasy Art genre with his own special brand of modern surreal fantasy art. He has a taste for the darker side and his paintings are layered with abstraction and meaning. His signed art prints make unusual and wonderful gifts and his original paintings are much sought after by discerning art collectors.

  Modern Surreal Fantasy Art

Miriam Bos is a fantasy artist from Holland and has been creating things from a very young age. As well as fantasy art, Miriam also has an online comic called Irrimiri and runs an online hobby supplies shop called Triskel Fantasy.

Elfies-World - Fantasy Art by Maria van Bruggen: One of the most loved fantasy artists. Her work is being sold, published and recognised all over the world. She is full time fantasy artist / Illustrator and lives in Belgium.

Rachel K. Cox is inspired to create art from her dreams, mythology, nature, the feminine form, symbolism, spirituality, true love, and just about everything she sees. She can be inspired from a poem, or a song, or a pose someone is in.

Rebecca Cox is a digital fantasy, traditional and 3d artist.

Christina Davis started doing painting commissions in 1998 then she started building her business in the winter of 2002 with making candles and it has grown from there. She paints in mostly acrylic and watercolor mediums but enjoys using oil paints too.

Delphine Levesque Demers is a fantasy and horror artist from Quebec, Canada. Her artwork currently can be found on many absolutely amazing products throughout the world in thousands of very well known retail stores! Most of her works are done with acrylics and ink but she also does some digital art and recently created the Ninjadorables using this technique!

Ash Evans works primarily with oil paint, though she enjoys other mediums such as: acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor, pastels, sculpture, and photography. Her main passion is fantasy art, especially dragons and unicorns.

Selina Fenech Fairies and Fantasy features her original artworks of fairies, mermaids, goddesses, dragons, angels and more, as well as a vast collection of stunning merchandise.

Sonia Hansman has always loved dragons and anything fantasy. She has spent her life happily pursuing art and in recent years she has fallen in love with faery art. Her watercolor techniques are self-taught.

Carrie Hawks is a painter of beautiful fantasy cats

Carmen Keys is a freelance fantasy artist living in Northern California, USA. Her primary mediums are watercolor & ink and acrylics. She has been deeply inspired by the heavenly realms of spirit and faerie ever since she was a little girl.

Gina Marie was born in rural Indiana, and she still resides there today. Her passion for art has been with her throughout her life. She has worked in many mediums, and slowly found her way towards watercolor, her main medium of expression today.

Christine Mohr Russell aka Krisgoat is a digital illustrator and designer.

Dawn Obrecht is a fantasy artist living in Iowa in the USA. She works primarily in watercolors with a few pieces being done in colored pencil. Faeries are her passion. Dark faeries, asian themed faeries, flower faeries etc.

Carol Ochs is self-taught in art. She has dabbled in several genres since childhood and is enamored with many "Old World" forms of crafting including soaps and potions! She has a lifelong fascination with legend, myth, nature, and the whimsical.

Ollure Fantasy Photography features captured images of fairies. "A group of them were dancing and playing in the woods. They skirted over the water, changing from light to solid forms. I moved slowly and readied my camera..."

Owl Light Studios is the official website of South Carolina based artist Victoria Griffin. Victoria's ink and watercolor creations feature fairys, mermaids, dragons and other delightful creatures of myth and magic.

Pixie and Shadow's Haven is a site that contains not only fantasy art but pixel adoptable graphics and many other things of interest to the fantasy lover.

Suzanne Richards is a fairy and fantasy artist from Australia. She has a gallery and store which is suitable for children and adults alike.

Harmony Steel is a professional illustrator and specialises in fantasy art, portraits and children's illustration. The purpose of her art is to create beauty and contribute something positive to the world - she loves to create scenes which make people smile.

April VanSickle is a fantasy artist and lives in Florida with her wonderful family and pets. Most of her works are done in watercolor, however she also does some digital painting and is learning to work in acrylics.

Mystery and Shadows is a place of wonders and shadows, and explore the visions in paint by artist Shelley Walker.

Elvenstar Art is the fantasy, fairy and dark art website of Michigan artist, Rebecca Sinz.

The Sorceror's Realm is the online gallery of fantasy and equine artist Caroline Bradley

Kelly Smith is a self taught artist and offers custom fantasy portraits. A lot of her work is quite gothic.

Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art - Professional wildlife and fantasy art by Rebecca Kemp.

Where the Faeries Dwell features the fantasy art of Lisa Evola.

The Magical World of Kirstin Mills showcases gorgeous artworks of fairies, fantasy and traditional subjects with a beautiful and unique charm.

BrookeCanvas is home to the Fantasy and Fairy Art of Brooke Gillette.

Kitty Miao calligraphy, one stroke art and animals.

Spirit Connection Art - Original faerie & fantasy artwork, giftware & jewellery by Deborah Bell

The Mystical Visions is the official website of fantasy artist Judy Mastrangelo

Natalia Pierandrei is a traditional illustrator based in Italy. Her artwork is anime-styled but also influenced by that of Art Nouveau and European graphic novels with a penchant for gothic imagery and classical fantasy themes.

Jennifer Galasso is a painter of fairies, mystical women, unicorns, dragons and fantasy creatures.

Maria J. William is a fantasy artist and illustrator.

Canadian Dragon - Original dragon drawings and dragon sculpture by Sandra Staple. Fantasy sculpture and fairy sculpture, doll art and drawings feature dragons, fairies, unicorns, angels, and other faerie.

Carol Phillips is a fantasy artist from Portland, Oregon. She specializes in fantasy art but also does custom traditional/fantasy portrait work, and freelance fantasy illustrations.

Giovanna Adams is a faery and mythology artist who loves creating fantasy worlds and characters.

Patricia Pierce-Phillips is a fantasy artist who delights in creating very colourful art.

Kathy Crabbe (Lulu Designs) creates fairies, mermaids and goddesses.

The Art of Johanna Pieterman - Mystical art inspired by myth, magic, flora and fauna!

Sacred Circles - Celtic inspired fairys dragons and tales of old broght to life in bold vivid colours and delicate pattens.

Nadia Tate is an illustrator and fantasy artist who resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she paints her magical fairy and mermaid fantasy art full time.

Brian Hamner's Fantasy and Science Fiction Art Portfolio - An Amazing Collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction Artworks by Professional Illustrator and Artist Brian Hamner.

Painted Lady features erotic fantasy art by Jack Henslee. This website features artistic nudity.

The Art of Ed Beard Jr. Dragon art prints, posters, t-shirts, mugs, puzzles, and collectibles. Also, wizards, fairies, gargoyles, unicorns, magic the gathering art, tolkien art, lord of the rings and the hobbit art, dungeon and dragons art and more!

Brigid Ashwood Mythic Art: Official website of Mythic Fantasy artist Brigid Ashwood.

Fantasy Digital Art of Nicole L Marques: A step into a digital fantasy world. Soulful Mermaids, Fairies, Butterflies and more. All original artworks painted digitally with a mouse.

Artsy Chic Studio: The website of fairy and fantasy artist Kathy Cyr.

Valarie Wade is a freelance fantasy artist living in Oklahoma, USA. Her primary mediums are acrylics and mixed media watercolor. Her style has been called whimsical, illustrative, and contemporary.

McHugh Studios: The on-line home of Fantasy Artist and Illustrator, Jeremy McHugh.

Susan Schroder is a photographer specialising in faery and fantasy photography.

The Art of Jolie E. Bonnette: The Pagan, Fantasy and Fine art of Houston artist Jolie E. Bonnette. Also music, writing, products and more.

Eden Celeste lives in magically green Portland, Oregon. She describes herself as a fantasy artist with a passion for portraiture and she works in everything from digital to oils.

Dreamflier Studios: The fantasy and fairy art of Sara M Butcher.

Lori Baratta Artworks: The magickal fantasy art of Lori Baratta.

Yanmei: The fantasy art of Laura Y. Law.

Through The Forest, the original oil paintings of Michelle Tucker features fantasy-themed art including mermaids, fairies and medieval maidens.

MuddVision Studios: Romantic fantasy art and illustration by artist Abranda Icle Sisson, including fairies, angels, mermaids, celtic, and more.

H.P. Kolb Gallery: Here you can find art prints from the categories "Metamorphoses", "Fantasy Realistic", "Zodiac Signs" and "Erotic" as well as Photoshop Video Tutorials and other gift ideas!

The Art of Sebastiaan Brakenhoff: A Fantasy Artist from Holland who paints enchanted works of pixies, humans creatures and elves.

Fantasyart by Annett: Annett Schmölling is a fantasy painter from Germany.

Moonlight Whispers: The fantasy art of Annie Rodrigue, an artist and freelance illustrator from Quebec.

Daniela Colleo Fantasy Portraits: Custom fantasy portraits created using your own photos.

The Fantasy Gallery of Steve A. Roberts: A place of Wizards, Fairies, Dragons,and Unicorns.

Borealis Art - Fantasy Art of Nora Blansett: Featuring faeries, mermaids, maidens and all other manner of mystical creatures including art doll sculptures, aceos, bookmarks and more!

The Art of Jennie Yuen: Gallery and Portfolio website displaying various artwork and photography by artist, Jennie Yuen.

Tobi's Fantasy Artwork: Professional Illustrator Tobias Brenner shows a selection of his freshest published and unpublished artwork. Working in traditional (oils, acrylics) media.

Jim Fournier Artwork & Design: Jim specializes in fantasy art for both adults and children as well as tattoo design and custom artwork.

Art 'n' Soul - The works of Fanitsa Petrou: Fantasy Art, surrealism, sci-fi illustrations, new age imagery, angel art, commercial illustration, book covers by the painter, illustrator and writer Fanitsa Petrou.

Holly Edwards Art: A world of fairies, mermaids,fantasy and more! Indulge yourself and your imagination in the artistic works of Holly Edwards.

A Fantasy Gallery by Illustrator Steve A Roberts: A place of Wizards, Fairies, Dragons,and Unicorns.

Cynnalia Fantasy Art: Showcasing the fairy and fantasy artwork of Deborah Grieves.

Art of Raz: Digitally hand-drawn fantasy and superhero art prints.

Redwhisper Studio: Experience a unique, soulful world of Fantasy and Goddess art, gifts and clothing by Australian artist Liza Paizis.

Onirica: The online gallery of italian fantasy illustrator Eleonora Forlani.

Green Dragon Artist: The Fantasy Art of Christy Nicholas

Fantasy Photography by Bruce Kiltz: Digitally Manipulated Photographs with faeries.

Yidneth: Official site of Priscilla Hernandez: fantasy and gothic illustrations and ethereal gothic music inspired in fairy and ghost tales.

Ashley's Fantasy Art: This site is made of Ashley Woodward's original fairy art. Prints are available for purchase.

The Art of Igor Kieryluk: The website of freelance fantasy and s-f artist Igor Kieryluk.

Della Lindsey Art: Della Lindsey is a Freelance Illustrator / Designer with 8+ years of experience in her field. She has always had a love and natural talent for art and so decided to go back to school and pursue a career in graphic art/design.

Fantasy Art by Christi and Cara Brown: The online gallery of Fantasy Artists Christi and Cara Brown

The World of Fairy by Fantasy Artist Kerry Swinamer offering originals and prints of fairies, dragons, elves and more.

Ambient Arts: Enter the magical realm of fantasy art created by Deanna Davoli. Here you will find pages filled with fairies, goddesses, elves and much more. Deanna also specializes in custom wall murals & faux finishes.

Faerie Moon Dream: The Fairy and Fantasy Art of JM Leotti.

Legacy of the Cauldron: Original Celtic Fantasy Art & Photography of Sharon Maille-Rettich.

Linda Smith Originals: Enter the site where you'll discover an enchanted world of fairytale and fantasy creations by artist Linda Smith. You'll find many one of a kind dolls and figures that have taken the form of little winged fairies, mermaids and more!

Audrey Eclectic: The fantasy and whimsical art of Heather Van Winkle.

Marc Fishman: An internationally renowned fantasy artist based in Connecticut, USA

Susan Rodio: Enter a world of mysterious and luminous Faeries, Mermaids, Goddesses, Unicorns and other beings of light and magic.Susan Rodio is a traditional painter from Australia. All Susan's pieces are hand painted using acrylic paint on canvas.

The Whimsical Art of Jennifer L Nilsson: Best known for her bright, whimsical fantasy characters, the Mouser-kins, Jennifer also enjoys creating dragons, unicorns and other creatures of the imagination.

Alice den Hollander: Enter a world of fantasy and (often equine inspired) creatures.

Fable Garden: The Official Gallery and Online Store of Fantasy and Fairy Artist Julia Stilchen.

Lunanegra Studio - by Patricia Ariel: Mythic, fantasy and mystical illustration.

Faery Droppings: The Fantasy Art of Georgia Papadakis. Mermaids, horse-women, angels, unicorns, goblins, and oddities.

Studio of Bonnie Jones: A website about the sculpting of fantasy figures and the garden which inspires her.

The World of Fairy: Fantasy Art paintings by artist Kerry Swinamer. Fairies, dragons elves and more.

Barbara Brown Art: Fantasy artist Barbara Browns website features prints and collectible gift items. She paints in acrylic and watercolor and features fairies, elves, mermaids, dragons, goddesses, wizards and more.

Fantasy Whispers: One of a kind Fantasy Art creations by the artist Vania Cruz-Perez.

The Fantasy and Fairy Art of Molly Harrison: Fine art prints and products directly from the artist Molly Harrison.

Stungeon Studios: Fantasy art and illustration by Jeff Ward. Features fantasy, science fiction, and space art.

Surreal and Fantasy Art by Rachael Tallamy: Official online home of Rachael Tallamy digital and traditional artworks, where in the realm live angels, fairies, unicorns and other fantasy creations.

The Romance of Fairy: Beautiful Fine art fairy photographs by renowned English photographer and artist Charlotte Bird. Open and Limited editions available in gallery.

The Art of Jane Starr Weils: Art of Fantasy, Fairy, Myth and Magick!

Fantasy and Goddess Art: Exquisite fantasy and goddess art prints by award winning digital painter Sharon George. Treat yourself to beauty!

Enchanted Studio: Fantasy artist Lillian Fioretzi takes you in a magical journey to enchantment with art featuring faeries, mermaids, goddesses, dragons, and more.

Goddess Dreams Fantasy Art Dolls: Hand sculpted one of a kind fairies and mermaids.

Fairy Inspired Fantasy Art: Digital fairies, mermaids, fantasy art by Emma Marlow. Magical fairies and inspiring mermaids.

Faebyl Art: Monika Ptok-Byard lives and paints in Ontario, Canada. Fascinated by myth and folklore at an early age, she paints fantasy creatures and enchanting faeries enjoyed around the world by both children and adults alike.

Anita Lee Creations: Art, Incredimail, & art for commercial and non-commercial use.

The Fantasy art of Terra Bidlespacher: Explore the fantasy and fairy art of Terra Bidlespacher

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